I hate having to explain…

I have 7, yep 7 children. 4 are mine through birth and 3 through marriage. When we go out with them we always get asked, “Are they all yours?”

I always say yes right away, they are all ours, they are ours together. we made them we love them, we put this lovely family together and made it work.

However when I am with friends and family, they feel the need to explain the situations to the random lady on the bus or the nice man at the shop. They explain for me, they say “They didn’t have them all together”, “They only have one together”.

Is it just me this pisses off? I am not sure why they feel the need. They are all my children, they just happen to be someone else’s as well.

2015-04-05 09.55.00

These are all my children, they are my family.

NB, Leo is missing form our Easter pic as he was not allowed to be a part of our day. So here is a random slightly blurry photo of him too.

2014-10-18 11.25.20


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