Pjammas are a state of mind

One woman’s pjs are another woman’s shopping attire it would seem.
I went to pick up my daughters friend from his house.
His mum and I have been chatting at our home ed group for months, and we have become friends.
I stay in the car and grace jumps out to get her friend. His mum pops to the door and says for some unfathomable reason, “I am still in my pjs”.
“My response was “I wish I still was”.
In actual fact I was, I have a very long old black maxi dress that I was wearing. It is my slob around the house dress. I rarely wear underwear with it and will happily just chuck on my shoes and a cardi to drive somewhere.  Sometimes I don’t take it off when I go to bed and I sleep in it. It is not considered pj’s but in my head they are.
My friend, however was wearing a lovely grey pair of leggings with a lacey vest top. Very pretty and slightly sporty looking.  She could have come round to my house in it, and I wouldn’t have thought for a second they were pj’s.
I also bought just before mothers day what I thought was a really pretty dress only to get it home to find out it is a nighty.
Do I just have a skewed version of what Is night nightwear?
I think I must because usually I sleep in the buff, I don’t actually own any nightwear except for the dress/nighty which I now have a conundrum about whether I can wear it out or just sleep in it.
The pitfalls of modern life and modern clothing. So if you are ever coming to my house feel free to wear your pj’s, it is likely that unless they are bright pink with dogs on them or see through, I won’t even notice. If I do notice I promise I won’t care.


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