THE (home ed)FEAR…

I am a member of many home education groups. We get lots of brand new home educators or people that are just about to de- register their children. So we get lots of panicked posts about 2 weeks in to the process.
I didn’t start home edding that long ago but I also had this, it is what I have come to call THE FEAR.
First you have the wonderful excitement that comes from being free from that system, of doing the right thing by your child.
Images of running through fields of wild flowers while you children are dressed in gender neutral colours and building their new log cabin in which they will live and become millionaire youtubers or some other fulfilling non jobbing type of lifestyle.
The reality is that you and they can’t be bothered to get dressed let alone run, you have done a work sheet and a bit of colouring this week and it is raining. That seems to be when THE FEAR  kicks in.

What have I done!
They are never going to get good jobs!
They won’t make friends!
I can’t teach them everything!
I am taking away all their opportunities in life!
Why do they just want to watch tv/play mine craft, don’t they want their log cabin!

I remember a true feeling of panic, I put it all down to social conditioning.
I went to school, I was told without good GCSEs I would not get a good job, I would not have a house and I would fail at life.
I still get these waves of panic, and what ifs. Just like parents who have children in school, what if they fail, what if they are not good at anything, what if they have to work at a travelling fair (actually that would probably be awesome).
Social conditioning Is such a powerful thing. In some ways it is an important tool to keep society on an even keel and in others it removes people’s ability to critically analyse their life choices.
It is at a time like this when the fear is strong that believing certain things help, like deschooling is perfectly acceptable for 6 months.
Children in school only actual learn for about an hour a day.
Children are learning while they play mine craft.
Everyone is happier and a standard education doesn’t give the same opportunities of learning.
Log cabins are cold and actually your kids want a commune, running on renewable energies off the grid, with enough land to be self sustainable.
Now excuse me while we go build our pallet planters and sow some wild flower seeds 😉


2 thoughts on “THE (home ed)FEAR…

  1. I will be pulling my child out of the School system at the end of this year. I am sure that I will hit THE FEAR. Thank you for this post, I will keep it in my pocket till I hit said Fear!!!


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