Time for a Leo update…


Leo came for his 3 hours on Saturday, he was his usual happy bouncy self. he went for a walk around sainsburys to find some free from cakes. He has gluten, soy, dairy and possibly fructose intolerance (we are hoping not though)

He is doing really well at school and enjoying his time there. though he is non verbal at this time he knows how to make himself understood.

We have heard from the council about our complaint, we are complaining about social services and how their continued bad judgement in our case has made our case drag on, meaning Leo is missing out on meaningful time with his family.

Our solicitor has advised us to go for wasted costs against the local authority and we have agreed, because there is no legal aid for family matters any more if we don’t find a way to pay our current fees and our barrister fees we will have to stop our fight.

Our solicitors have decide to go pro bono for us which is an unbelievable miracle but we still have to pay our fees up till the last court hearing.

So that is why we have set up the go fund me page, we have been overwhelmed by the generosity of people, both people we know and ones we don’t.  If anyone from here has donated, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You have no idea what it means to us to have peoples support in fighting for Leo.

We have a new social worker assigned to our case and another new section 7 has been, so there will be at least one more hearing but more likely two, not including the wasted costs hearing against the council.

As you can imagine this is all so stressful for everyone in our family, including grandparents that have still yet to see Leo after 2 and a half years.

But all the heart ache and upset is worth it when we get to see the children and we know the fight for equality for Leo is so important.

Here is our link to our go fund me page.


If you can give it a read and donate that would be amazing, if you can give it a read and share that would be amazing too, the momentum of our campaign has waned slightly and we are looking in to some fundraising events. Any ideas anyone may have would be so helpful xx

So thats it so far, just waiting for our next section 7 report and next court date. fingers crossed they will both be done soon.


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