Introductions are needed…

Hello to all and everyone, since this is my very first post it will literally be to no one.

So if you read my profile you will know a little about me and my family, if not here are some pictures and info on all 10 of us.Featured image

This is me, I am not going to lie, this is a really good photo of me. It was not long after my last child and because of a horrific pregnancy I was super skinny (by my standards), but it is my blog and I will post nice pics of myself if I want to 😉

I am 33, I have 4 biological children and 3 step children. I became a step mother 4 years ago and wow, now there is a hardcore experience for you, I am epileptic, I have adult onset epilepsy which started on new years day 2003, it has been controlled now with medication for 4 years and fingers crossed it will keep on in this working its medicinal magic as I finally got my driving licence and can go places!

I am a home educator, two of my 4 children stay home with me everyday and we learn together, we only started in January but we love it so much. I can’t see us ever going back to school, my eldest is in school still as she wanted to stay and my youngest is only 3 so we don’t worry about her yet.

I need to warn any potential readers now, because I know this is a thing on the internet but…I have dyslexia (I think that name is a sick joke. Come on people in charge of these things, you know that we dyslexics spell best when the word is spelt how it sounds!!) I will get people to proof read whenever possible, but if I can’t then I am sorry, but you will have to put up with bad grammar and punctuation. I hope what I am writing is interesting enough to look past the errors.

Ok, what else would you want to know about me… quick fire information time

I had a baby when I was 18.

I love Buffy.

I have a BA hons.

I am training to be a celebrant.

I never wanted any kids (hahahahahahahahaha).

I have really big boobs, I mean huge! (side note; I am brash and can be crude, expect swearing).

I am having CBT (not the bdsm type ;)).

I love books, I love the smell of them, the feel of them and the look of them (kindles are the devils work).

I take really long baths…my record is 12 hours.

I have and probably always will be a big girl (bbw,plump,curvaceous, morbidly obese, whatever is your poison (argh I just had to type out poison 4 times to get it right)).

I like (brackets).

moving on from me, here is my family


from left to right we have;

Jasmine, who is 7 she is my beautiful, funny, clever SD

Grace, she is 12 and has Autism. a quirkier person you could not want to meet. BD

Gabriel,he is 8, he is a sensitive soul and a thoughtful dreamer. BD

Honour, is now 3 and the stubborn, happy baby of the family. BD

Faith, our eldest, she is 14 and so grown up and clever and a full blown feminist. BD

Leo, he is 6, he has down syndrome and has a heart condition, but that is not the sum of him. he is mischievous and though none verbal loves a joke and has a wicked throwing arm. SS

Andrew is 35, he is my lovely, kind, gorgeous husband, a positive male role model for my children. I am completely and totally in love with him.

Amber is 9 going on 20, she is so intelligent and a proper fashionista. SD.

( SD=stepdaughter, BS=biological son)

I don’t know if this is a long post, or not. I don’t want to bore you to death on my first post. So hello, welcome to me and my family xx